Answers to Frequently Asked eCookbook Questions

What are eCookbooks?

iPads, smart phones, and tablets are becoming the sous-chefs in the kitchens with an endless list of eCookbooks or digital cookbooks. The unique custom design electronic/digital format of {Page-turner} ecookbooks is easy to use and becoming the standard in kitchens.
No special e-reader or pdf download is required.

They are custom formatted to print on regular computer paper, so you're welcome to print copies if you prefer.

Serves: 12
If they like it, it serves 12 otherwise  - thinking face emoji

Pasta {page-turner} ecookbook

Some of the recipes in this eCookbook include...
Subscription Q: What do I receive with my subscription?

A single digital-only subscription gives you unlimited access to more than 110 ecookbooks with new additions and updates every month!
{pageturner ecookbooks} is a recipe service that is helpful, and makes you a more confident and creative cook while giving you easy access to recipes. These ecoookbooks in print form would take a large shelf space in your kitchen. who wants over 100 cookbooks in the kitchen?, 168 Best Salmon recipes featured in the digital cookbook. The Very Best Salmon Cookbook - Everything You Need to Know

The smartphone or tablet is becoming the ultimate sous-chef as we head to the kitchen with either.
And The Salmon ECookbook is your reliable cooking companion.

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    Have smart phone, Will Cook:

    The Salmon Cookbook
    $8.99 US Dollars

    The Salmon Cookbook - Everything You Need to Know + 168 Recipes

    Upon purchase, the book is immediately available to download and save to your PC, tablet or smartphone in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat, iBooks).

    By John Nicolas

Becoming a subscriber Q: How do I subscribe?

A: You signup to create an account that gives you unlimited access to every ecookbook on {pageturner ecookbooks}. Q: Can I sign up internationally? A: Yep! Those located outside the United States can subscribe. Just note that payment will be taken in US Dollars.

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